Sunday, 13 February 2011

Review: Nars Mekong Single Eyeshadow

I brought this last weekend whilst browsing through a department store. I hadn't planned on purchasing it but had heard so many rave reviews and I don't own any Nars eyeshadows, so it was a spontaneous buy. The colour is a very deep, dark chocolate brown with micro-fine gold shimmers.. I've been wearing this eyeshadow everyday since I brought it and absolutely LOVE it! I would happily just have this single brown shadow in my collection if I had to choose from the ones that I already own!

  • The pigmentation and the quality of the shadow is phenomenal - you only need to dip (ever so slightly) your brush into the pan and already you have enough to apply on your lid/outer corner. I dip the brush in a few times after blending to intensify the colour, as initially, I don't want to apply too much. The colour lasts all day on my lids (I do use UDPP as a base too) and even throughout the evening.
  • Blend-ability is superb! I blend the shadow with my MAC 217 brush and the pigmentation doesn't fade away. It's amazing how such a tiny amount of this shadow can actually go a long way. I don't find that I have to blend for a long time to get the effect that I want so it helps save on time when I'm rushing in the morning =)
  • The pan contains 2.2g of product and I paid £16.50. In comparison, MAC eyeshadows have 1.5g of product and costs £11.50. I find that with some MAC eyeshadows e.g. Mulch and Embark, I have to heavy-handedly dip my brushes into the pan repeatedly to build up the colour on my lids. However with the Nars Mekong, I do not need to do that....if I were to then there would be absolutely TOO much on my lids! So, the Nars Mekong is absolutely worth every penny as I don't use much and it still looks new in the pan after a week! I do love 90% of my MAC e/s but to reflect on the Nars Mekong, I do not see myself finishing the pan in less than a year and a half with everyday use. Bargain for my buck!
  • Like most powder products from Nars, the eyeshadow comes with a mirror, which is very convenient for on the go. Obviously, the mirror is smaller than the ones found in the blusher pans but I like the fact that there is a 'spare' mirror at hand just in case I forget my regular compact mirror.
  • I haven't used the eyeshadow wet yet but I'm extremely intrigued to see how the shadow would be used as a liner. I do not see how the shadow would fail as a liner considering the quality that I have mentioned =)
  • The only flaw that I can give about this product is the packaging like most Nars products. The 'rubbery' finish of the case does make the packaging look dirty/messy, even after the first use. However, the packaging of all the Nars products that I own doesn't make me sway away from purchasing more from the brand, as the quality of the products themselves makes me overlook the messy packaging results that lay after. After all, don't we look for the quality in a product as a major purchasing factor? Besides from the messiness, I still think that the Nars Mekong looks sleek in design.
The eyeshadow combinations that I have used so far with my Nars Mekong are:

Urban Decay - Virgin, Naked and Buck (from their Naked Palatte)
MAC - Brule, Sable, Patina, Soft Brown, Wedge and Vanila. Painterly paintpot.
Revlon - Nude Slip


What Nars eyeshadows do you own? What did you think of them?


  1. Hey girl. I'm new to blogspot and I'm still learning the ropes. It's SO confusing.

    But I stumbled along your blog while on Bubblegarm - you left a comment. I'm glad I did as I absolutely love your blog!
    I own 2 Nars E/S, in the double packaging.
    It's called Mediteranee, it has a nice nude shadow, and a gorgeous rustic orange. I was craving an orange E/S and this was a must. However, in Australia this tiny thing cost me $70 BUCKS - unbelievable!
    It is a gorgeous colour, fantastic payoff as you said, velvety touch... however I rarely use it for some reason. Your post has inspired me to use it more!



  2. Hey Caramorello!

    Thanks for the suggestion! It sounds like the e/s colours that I would go for, I really have to take a look at that one the next time I'm at Nars :) 70 bucks!!!! Oh my goodness!! That really is a lot but I guess it can be considered a treat and we always deserve to treat ourselves sometimes ;D Thanks for reading my post, it really means a lot to me! *hugs*

    Sarah xoxo