Sunday, 13 February 2011

Mac Peacocky Spring 2011 Collection

Last week, I popped by my regular MAC counter in anticipation of the releases from their latest collection. I already knew that I wanted to purchase a few of their Kissable Lipcolours after seeing swatches from Temptalia's website. I ended up buying four - Love Peck, Woo Me, Enchantee and So Vain. At first, I wasn't too sure on their Mega Metal eyeshadows that were also released in the collection, as I have so many eyeshadows already. However in the end, I purchased one - Prance.

It's been over a week since trying out my new purchases and to be honest, I'm not completely sold on them. They're not bad but they're also not my go to products either. The hype and love for them has quickly died out.
The one eyeshadow that I purchased, well, although it looks lovely in the pan and when I first apply it in the morning, it tends to lose its' appeal after a few hours. Let me elaborate...the eyeshadow just looked TOO metallic on the lid - yes duh, I know after all it is called a Mega Metal eyeshadow, but it reminds me of....a space man, foil and the 1980s rolled up into one (hahahahaha stupid description I know). But seriously, I do not mind shimmer on my lids but this time, it was too shimmery and not great for daytime wear. Maybe I should have brought another colour instead - however, I'll just wear this shadow in the evenings...

On the other hand, the Kissable Lipcolours are much better. Although, I did expect a tad more in quality. The lipcolours are opaque enough to cover 85% of my highly rosey pigmented lips but after a couple of hours, my lips tend to look dry. I hate that! I apply a lip conditioner/balm throughout the day and prior to applying the lipcolour but if I reapply throughout the day, then the effect doesn't look as initially great. I don't regret purchasing them but most probably wouldn't RE-purchase them either. I'm thinking to try out the Chanel version. What do you think?

Overall, I like the Kissable Lipcolours but they're not my go to lip products and the eyeshadows, I don't think they're a must-have.


p.s. What did you buy and think of the collection?

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