Friday, 28 January 2011

Haul: Chanel, No.7, Toni&Guy

I thought I'd share with you some of my purchases that I picked up this week amongst others - these are just going to be a few makeup/beauty-related items :)

Today I stopped by the Chanel counter as they had just released their new Spring 2011 Collection. I had previously read Temptalia's (one of my fave blogs!!) post of the new collection and knew that I had to it check out once released. I already knew that I wanted 2 of the nailpolishes: 513 Black Pearl and 515 Peche Nacree, 13ml, but wasn't too sure on the eyeshadow palettes nor the lipsticks/glosses. The pic below doesn't really give the justice that both polishes deserve. Peche Nacree is a beautiful pearlescent peach with silver and pink micro-shimmers and would look lovely during the Spring/Summer months! Whilst the Black Pearl is more dimensional in colour. It's a gunmental colour with silver/grey and teal shimmers, depending on the lighting it can look more grey/silver or gunmental w/ teal reflects. Gorgeous, especially during the Winter months! I'm going to try out the Peche Nacree tonight and hopefully it won't be too streaky :S

The collection is actually really nice as a whole considering that I haven't followed their collections in years. They released two eyeshadow palettes: one limited edition and the other permanent. I swatched the LE palette, which had 5 shimmery colours but once blended, the pigmentation seemed to disappear on the back of my hand so I didn't bother. Eyeliners - I didn't think I needed anymore. Lipsticks - They had released 4 but I decided to only pick up one: Rouge Coco 77 Jersey Rose, as it seemed to be the colour that I would most likely use and it wouldn't just say at the back of my lipstick drawer.
The Rouge Coco 77 Jersey Rose is a sheer, mostly rosey but with coral hints lipcolour - the picture above doesn't really show the true pigmentation (Sorry!). This would be my 2nd lipstick from that line, the other one that I own is 05 Mademoiselle, which is much more darker and shall I say, mauvey-peachy-ish in colour (I'm crap at describing!). I actually like both lipsticks and hopefully the Jersey Rose will not fail me in the long run.

I also picked up the 38 Peche Precision Lip Definer, 1g, as I don't really own any peachy-coral lipliners and think it would really work during the summer. But it isn't a must so you can skip it if you already have peach/coral liners :)

I had one more No.7 £5 off voucher to use by Sunday so I stopped over at Boots on my way home. I don't really buy No.7 products whenever I makeup shop - to be honest, the only time I ever do is when Boots give the £5 off voucher (hahaha). I have a couple of their brushes that I love and an eyebrow pencil, but that's really it. Any lipsticks that I had brought previously, I gave to my mum x

Anyways, the first product I automatically saw and reached for was their Spring 2011 Collection Blue Cream liner (limited edition). I tried to take a photo but the colour keeps coming up black, so I gave up (Sorry again!). I would describe the cream liner as a dark indigo blue - that's basically it, no shimmer/glitter, just plain dark blue. I use Clinique's Cream Liners and they don't offer a dark blue, so that's how I decided at the counter to use my voucher :), in the end I paid £5.50. I don't have high expectations for the liner but let's just wait and see if it proves me wrong.

Earlier this week, I decided to start curling my hair on a more regular basis (as in once every 2 weeks hahaha). I don't really know much about styling hair and just blowdry and go. My hair length is past my bra-band to give you an idea, and it's thick, straight and black with some dark brown hints (from highlights years ago). I have one 1.5inch curling tong that I brought from Rite Aid, whilst I lived in the US last year, so I'm weary about using it in London due to the socket adapter and the handle heats up quickly. This Toni&Guy 38mm Tourmaline Wave and Curl Tong was really inexpensive and more or less the same as my American one. I picked it up at John Lewis Department Store. Considering that I don't really style my hair, I think that it's not necessary for me to spend a lot of money on a hair tool and this only cost me £19.95! I tried it out once this week and really loved the curls that it gave :)

So that's it! Just a few beauty/makeup products that I picked up this week. I also placed an order with for 3 Sigma brushes. The parcel came this morning but unfortunately, I missed it! :(

What products did you buy from Chanel's Spring 2011 collection? 

Love Sarah

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